In our roadmap we avoid precise timelines.

DeFi moves and evolves very quickly and spontaneously. As Surge sees itself as a pure DeFi project, it will adapt to constantly changing market conditions and trends.

The team works on multiple milestones simultaneously and releases updates once the timing is ideal.

In progress

  • Website overhaul
  • Listing on Cryptoasset tracking sites (CG, CMC, others) for $SRG token
  • Integration into more third party charting systems and asset-tracking tools
  • Listing of SurgeSwap on CG, CMC - DEX rankings

Planned in 2023

  • On-ramp and off-ramp from and to FIAT currencies
  • Launchpad
  • Additional utility for $SRG ETH - further info to be released

Date unknown:

  • Expansion to more blockchains - Planned without ETA: MATIC, AVAX, (...)

Already accomplished

  • Listing on third party charting provider (GeckoTerminal)
  • Integration into asset tracking systems on Telegram (bots)
  • Launch on Arbitrum One ("ASRG")
  • Major UI and functionality improvements of SurgeSwap (release of V2.0)
  • API release
  • SRG20 Token deployer bot for automated SURGE launches
  • Thiird party integration: Maestro Bots (Trading bot on Telegram)
  • Integration in third party charting system (BlockPortal.app)
  • Surge Dashboard
  • Telegram BuyBot updates
  • First UI upgrade to SurgeSwap
  • Basic charting system improvements
  • Creation of SRG20 contract, which developers can use to launch their token projects
  • Audit (SolidProof.io, see the previous page in this GitBook "Tokenomics")
  • Token launch on ETH chain ("ESRG")
  • Token launch on BNB chain ("BSRG")
  • Telegram Buy Bot
  • Multi-Chain Charting system
  • Multi-Chain SurgeSwap DApp
  • Homepage and WP V1
  • Surge template contract creation
  • Logo creation and branding
  • Token contract creation