Visit SurgeSwap here: https://swap.surgeprotocol.io/

1. Connect your wallet by pressing the button in top right corner. Please make sure you are on the right domain! Make sure your wallet account is on the right chain. SurgeSwap will automatically detect the chain you are on. Currently supported: ERC20 (ETH), BEP20 (BNB) and Arbitrum One

2. Click on the tokens to change the trading pair by navigating through the dropdown menu. If your desired token is not found in the list, please paste the correct contract address in the respective field to import your token.

When importing a token, make sure to have read and understood this warning label:

3. Insert the amount of ETH/BNB or tokens you want to spend for the buy/sell. Then press "Surge Swap"

If you haven't approved the token yet, the "Surge Swap" button will show "Approve token". Use the button to approve first. Then proceed to buy/sell.

Remember: There is a built-in frontrun protection in SRG and SRG20 tokens. Using higher than usual slippage is completely fine! Please only change the settings for slippage and deadline if necessary and only if you know what you are doing. Changing the settings wrongly can result in reverted transactions and lost gas fees.

The following trading pairs are available on SurgeSwap:


$SRG <-> SRG20

BNB/ETH <-> SRG20 (via $SRG, swap converts automatically)

SRG20 <-> SRG20 (via $SRG, swap converts automatically)

If you want to change your account, please use your wallet provider to do so.

If you want to switch the chain: Click on the chain symbol top right. When changing the chain, your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the change.

Update log:

Update 2.2.2

  • Improved connectivity on ETH and Arbitrum for MetaMask mobile and TrustWallet mobile

  • Stability improvements regarding preset tokens on the swap

Update 2.2.1

  • Fixed a bug in SurgeSwap regarding inserting the output amount first

  • Fixed a bug in Surge Charts regarding Arbitrum support

Update 2.2

  • Arbitrum support

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes regarding wallet connectivity

  • Legacy Swap V1 is now found under https://swapv1.surgeprotocol.io Added Arbitrum and SRG20 ARB support for the old swap

  • SurgeCharts now supports Arbitrum

Update 2.1

  • Autofill amount-buttons Push the buttons to automatically fill in 25% / 50% / 75% or 100% of your current balance!

  • Minor bug fixes

Surge Swap 2.0 release

  • Massive UI upgrade! Enjoy the experience you were used to from UNI/PCS in an interactive UI! Access all Surge links from the swap page, choose your settings in the appropriate menu, stare at the beautiful background for no reason!

  • Full mobile support! Any DeFi wallet can now access the swap without boundaries. You can also use regular browsers via WalletConnect!

  • Approval checker! SurgeSwap now identifies if your wallet already approved the SRG20 token before giving the option to buy/sell!

  • Switch chains! No more need to disconnect from SurgeSwap before switching the chain between BNB/ETH!

  • Live price update! SurgeSwap keeps track of the price movement of your token while being on the site!

  • Recent transactions! Browse through your transaction history directly on SurgeSwap!

  • Add token to wallet prompt! After buying a SRG20 token, simply click a button to import the token to your MM/TW wallet!

  • Import tokens! Save your tokens in your browser to avoid copy-pasting the ca more than once! The Top10 SRG20 list is hardcoded into the token list on SurgeSwap by default for easy access!

  • Direct links! Custom buy links for your SRG20 tokens give your investors an easier access to purchase your SRG20s!

  • Direct purchase from BNB/ETH! Following trading pairs are now available on SurgeSwap: BNB/ETH <-> $SRG

    $SRG <-> SRG20

    BNB/ETH <-> SRG20 (via $SRG, swap converts automatically)

    SRG20 <-> SRG20 (via $SRG, swap converts automatically)

Update 1.2

  • Added output preview!

    • After being connected and having inserted the contract address, type the amount of BNB/ETH you would like to spend. You will see the amount of tokens, that you will currently get for this amount! Same works for selling.

  • Added TrustWallet support for the value tracker!

Update 1.1

  • Added value tracker!

    • Insert contract address of $SURGE while being connected to SurgeSwap. On the bottom of the page, you will see the value of your $SURGE tokens in USD, press the "Refresh" button if the value does not show up immediately. Currently supports MetaMask. TrustWallet coming in the next updates.

  • "BNB" was replaced with "BNB/ETH" in the buy field to avoid confusion.

  • Fixed a small bug that avoided selling with 9 decimals.

Release 1.0

  • Buying and selling $SRG on ETH and BSC

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