SRG20 Deployer Bot

This bot on Telegram allows you to automatically deploy SRG20 tokens:

The process to do so are very easy: DM @SRG20DeployerBot, then follow below steps:
  • Type /start - The bot will give you a newly generated wallet and the private key to it. Do not share this private key with anyone!
  • Type /SRG20
  • Make sure to have enough BNB/ETH in your deployer wallet for gas fees and deploying costs
  • Choose your preferences for your token by pushing the appropriate buttons on the panel
  • Push the Deploy button and confirm.
  • Type /verify
  • Afterwards you can enable trading whenever you like!
The deploying costs are 0.01 BNB or the equivalent in ETH for each contract. Over time this fee will be increased.

No initial starting liquidity needed! After successfully deploying the contract, you only need to enable trading!

For any questions about the bot usage, please join https://t.me/SurgeDevelopers
Every SRG20 token deployed with the bot will be posted in this channel:

Stay tuned for more updates to the bot, including a wider variety of contracts