📖Deploy SRG20 tokens

You can find the SRG20 standard token contracts in the GitHub below

In the GitHub you will find the templates for SRG20_BSC, SRG20_ETH and for testing purposes also for testnet.

You can start developing your own project on the Surge ecosystem!


Note: the SRG20 template is a standard token with marketing and team taxes. Additional features (e.g. reflections, rewards, auto burn, auto LP etc.) have to be implemented into the SRG20 token by the dev teams.

Variations of SRG20 standard template were already added to the Deployer Bot. Read the next page to learn more about it!

Migrate your Uniswap / Pancakeswap LP to SURGE!

The process is very easy. Please contact the SURGE Team on Telegram to get technical support and guidance during the process!

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