🔄Trade SRG20 on Blockchain Explorer

You can buy and sell SRG20 tokens without connecting your wallet to anything besides BSCScan / Etherscan!

Please make sure the domain you are visiting truly is bscscan.com , etherscan.io or arbiscan.io and be careful with phishing sites!

1. Own $SRG on the same blockchain as the SRG20 token you would like to buy.

2. Approve spending of the SRG20 tokens on the $SRG contract:

3. Visit the BSCScan / Etherscan / Arbiscan link of the SRG20 token you would like to buy.

4. From here on, the procedure is identical with trading $SRG:

Visit the previous page to learn how to trade $SRG on BSCScan / Etherscan / Arbiscan!

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