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SurgeProtocol - Reshaping DeFi

Surge Protocol is the first truly decentralized DEX, enabling each token to store its liquidity inside its own smart contract.
The native token $SRG is the liquidity pair of every token on SurgeSwap ("SRG20 tokens").
With increasing demand for SRG20 tokens, the demand for $SRG increases at the same time.
An increasing price of $SRG automatically increases the prices of all SRG20 tokens.
Nobody can extract the liquidity from the smart contract - No rugpull is possible

Project owners can launch their token on SurgeSwap without any initial liquidity funding

  • Manually set the starting marketcap of your token
  • Pay gas fees to deploy the contract
  • Enable trading - Your project is now live!
Surge has a built-in protection against MEV bots. This allows traders to use higher slippage without running the risk of falling victim to MEV-sandwich-attacks.

Surge Protocol has ZERO trading fees and ZERO taxes!

Last modified 6mo ago