📈Surge Charts

Update: Surge has been integrated by GeckoTerminal.

Visit the Chart here: https://chart.surgeprotocol.io

  • Use the dropdown menu to choose between $SRG on BSC, ETH or Testnet

  • If you like to see the chart of an SRG20 token, please paste the address

  • If you would like to change the viewed token, please refresh the page and repeat the process from the start.

Update log:

Update 1.1.1

  • Added Arbitrum support

Update 1.1

  • Removed the need to connect your wallet! Choose the chain you want to see from the dropdown menu!

  • Added dropdown menu for $SRG on BSC, ETH, and Testnet

  • Resizeable window

    • The chart will now adapt to your window if you change the size on PC/Mac. This feature will still be improved!

  • Auto updating charts

    • No more need to refresh the chart, grab a snack and watch the price changes in real time!

  • Added time frames!

    • See the chart in different intervals! 1M 5M 15M 1HR 4HR 12HR and 24HR are the options you will see below the chart!

  • Added support for all mobile browsers!

    • Surge Charts is no longer limited to MM or TW!

  • Major UI improvements for mobile!

    • Show us those beautiful screenshots!

Release 1.0

  • MASSIVE speed upgrade! The chart will now load in a few seconds!

  • Added support of SRG20 tokens

Release 0.1

  • Basic view of the chart of $SRG

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