Why develop on SURGE?

Launching a token on SURGE comes with a first of its kind advantage:

Project owners can set the starting price of their tokens manually and can therefore enable trading without the need of a starting liquidity.

This eliminates the need and the risk of any form of presale. On top, the token can benefit from the already existing swap and charting system for free.

How is this possible? Doesn't every token need an initial liquidity to be tradable?

-> Yes and no!

By deploying an official SRG20 token contract, 100% of the total supply is minted into the smart contract itself. This way, before enabling trading, there is nobody who could possibly sell.

After the first purchase, the smart contract increases the TVL, allowing investors to sell and receive the funds for their tokens directly from the smart contract itself.

Migrate your Uniswap / Pancakeswap LP to SURGE!

The process is very easy. Please contact the SURGE Team on Telegram to get technical support and guidance during the process!

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