⚡We have created a smart contract that stores its own liquidity pool right inside the smart contract itself.

Live on BNB Chain, Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum One

Trading is made possible by writing the contract functions "buy" and "sell" right on the blockchain explorer. There is no need to connect your wallet to any DApp besides Arbiscan, Etherscan or BSCScan, no need to deposit your funds in any centralized exchange and no need to use a third party tool in order to execute your trades. The growing internal liquidity pool can not be extracted from the contract by no party other than by selling $SRG tokens.

🔐 There is no possible way to rug SURGE because there is no external liquidity pool.

The deployer has no option to withdraw the coins stored inside of the contract.

📈 There are no trading fees and no taxes for buying and selling $SRG

🔐 SRG and SRG20 have built in MEV bot protection!

🔄️ No need to approve spending of your $SRG

🤝 Project owners can launch their projects using the SURGE ecosystem and pair their tokens with $SRG.

Launching a token on SURGE comes with a first of its kind advantage: project owners can set the starting price of their tokens manually and can therefore enable trading without the need of a starting liquidity.

This eliminates the need and the risk of any form of presale. On top, the token can benefit from the already existing swap and charting system for free. To be compatible, the token has to meet a set of predetermined rules, which include the buy and sell functions of the $SRG contract, as well as security standards like the everlasting liquidity pool. After meeting the criteria, any project owner / developer can launch with SURGE without the need to ask for permission.

This process is made easy by our Deployer Bot. Read this page to learn more!

📈 Increasing scarcity of $SRG

With more projects launching on SurgeSwap, more $SRG tokens are used for the growing liquidity pairs. This results in a continuously increasing TVL, therefore taking $SRG out of circulation regarding the trading with BNB/ETH.

This leads to a more stable price growth for $SRG with less aggressive retracing.

The price of $SRG directly influences the price of every SRG20 project due to it being paired in the internal liquidity pools.


For a more convenient user experience, the SURGE team will provide free DApps to users of the ecosystem: A swap and charting system. By using those, users will not gain a monetary advantage over others that choose to only interact with SURGE via blockchain explorer. However, the trading experience will be more comfortable. More useful tools by the founding team will follow. The ecosystem will also benefit by third party projects launching with Surge,providing more utilities for the ecosystem.

Summary: What makes SURGE unique?

  • There are no trading fees while writing the functions to swap BNB/ETH with SRG and SRG with SRG20.

  • There is no need to approve your $SRG, you can trade them freely.

  • SRG and SRG20 have built in MEV bot protection!

  • Project owners can launch their projects using the SURGE ecosystem and pair their tokens with $SRG. These projects are called SRG20.

  • More SRG20 projects launching leads to the circulating supply of $SRG to decrease, as $SRG is locked in SRG20 liquidity pools. This can be very beneficial for the price growth of $SRG.

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